Work Environment: 10 ways to improve your workplace (2023)

22. NovWork Environment: 10 ways to improve your workplace

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You can know the health of the company by watching theWorking environment.When employees work in a positive environment, they arehappier, more engaged and motivated,contribution toprofitability of the company.

A happy team wants to do things, innovate and take on challenges. As a result, they perform their tasks betterIncrease in productivity and performance.This will be noticed by customers who will be happier and the organization will notice it in their income statement.

For this reason,Creating a positive work environment is crucial for the development of a company.Organizations need methods and strategies to make work a comfortable place where people “don't have to go” but “want to go”.

How is the working environment?

The work environment is a concept that HR and talent management professionals are most familiar with because it is adifference factorbetween a successful company and one that is not.

We can define it asthe environment, social characteristics and physical conditions in which people carry out their work.These elements affect employees' well-being, the way they interact with colleagues and managers, their productivity, and their physical and mental health.

Elements that make up the working environment

The working environmentconsists mainly of threeBasicItems:

  • physical environment.This element is made up of all the tangible components of the workplace, such as size, infrastructure design, location, interior or exterior, type of furniture, etc.
  • corporate culture.This element relates to the way the company and its people work, including communication, the organization of work, leadership style, or the organization's purposes, values, and goals.
  • Working conditions.This element refers to the formal conditions under which a company hires its employees. Salary range, type of contract, hours, days, holidays, etc. Likewise, this variable also includes activities that promote a healthy environment, such asTeam building.

The 5 types of work environments

Every organization is unique, so there can be no one-size-fits-all work environment. The key is that employees must feel comfortable in their positions and in the company in which they work together.

The practices for promoting a positive environment in the office depend on itAreaof businessActivity,Dieemployee profile,and especially thetype of valuesthat the company wants to convey to its employees.

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In this sense,DieTheory of the Netherlands on career choice based on personality typecan be relevantcreate a strategic plan that stimulates a comfortable environment.

According to John Holland,People choose jobs based on their personal characteristics, so the teams are made up of people with very similar personalities,the same skills, the same attitudes, a similar ability to communicate and even the same tastes.

Behavior is determined by the interaction between personality and the environment“.

Holland's theory sets accents depending on the industry and personality profile of its employees5 main types of work environments:


This type of work environment encouragesphysical activityand suits professional profiles who enjoy using tools to build things and work with their hands. It is ideal for engineering, maintenance and construction.


The investigative work environment builds upcritical thinking, experimentation and problem solving.Many of the functions developed in this environment are related to data analysis, hypothesis testing, and the formulation of conclusions. Suitable for healthcare, engineering and technology workers.


This working environment favorsOriginality and expression of one's own personality.It's a creative environment, much more flexible than the others, and with a strong focus on the emotional side of employees. The areas that fit into this work environment are those related to design, art or acting.


A social working environment promotesCommunication and teamwork in which employees help and care for each other.It is an environment dominated by profiles characterized by friendliness and empathy. It is typical of the educational, social and counseling sectors.


This type of work environment isbased on the achievement of goals.The most common profile is that of persuasive professionals who enjoy competing, selling, and persuading others. It goes well with real estate, politics or sales.


Finally, the conventional environment lays down its foundationsSpecificity, predictability and organization.This type of environment is characterized by order, pragmatism and reliability. It is perfect for areas such as finance, support functions and more traditional offices.

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How can the working environment be improved? 10 useful tips

Regardless of the industry and personality traits your company operates in,There are a number of key elements that are common to any type of work environment in order to be successfuland positively influence employee performance and satisfaction.

It is important to include these elements in climate management strategies, as well as aMonitoring and assessment of their condition by Human Resources.Only when a correct follow-up is done can you know which elements of management are working well and which should be improved. This allows those responsible for leading people to make the best decisions that lead the organizationmaximum competitiveness.

And now let's look at how you can use these to promote "good vibes" in the officeTen tips:

1. Take care of the communication

AtTeam InsightsWe know thatOpen and honest communication is essentialto achieve a healthy work environment. By taking into account the opinions of employees, HR managers can achieve qualityReturn messagethat helps them extractinsightsThe goal is better leadership and decision-making.

That's why we broadcast in our organizationThe pulse surveyat regular intervals, where employees can express their opinion and vision of the company with absolute sincerity and completely anonymously, even on questions that may be more uncomfortable.

Taking care of communication is also part of itinternal communication.Employees must be able to access relevant information and data about the state of the organization with full transparency.

2. Build trust

An employment relationship is a relationship like any other, and like all relationshipsTrustis a cornerstone.

Do yourEmployees feel part of a team. By involving them in finding solutions and making important decisions affecting the organization, you show that you trust your team and that it is mutual.When employees trust each other and feel included, the work environment improves.

3. Improving teamwork

Cooperationand cooperation,not only among colleagues, but also between departments, should be part of the day. No one likes being hassled and delaying work because someone on another team doesn't want to cooperate.

However, when the whole company works together, some synergies improveCreativity, innovation and motivationto achieve ever higher goals, which greatly favors a good atmosphere of camaraderie.

4. Appreciate the contribution of employees

We all want to feel valued, and in the business world, recognizing a job well done not only serves to improve the work environment, but is also a very effective way of staying highmotivation, performance and productivity.

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In addition, according to a study bypsychology today,83% of employees would rather be recognized for honest work than receive a financial reward.

HR should plan strategies to reward and value people every time they make a valuable contribution that contributes to the organization's success, which is usually very often the case. Happily,There are very effective methods that do not require a large investmentof time or money and help employees feel fulfilled.

5. Keep an eye on the workflow

Employers should make an effortMaintaining a stable workflowfor their teams. Abrupt and recurring fluctuations in the flow of tasks can lead to thisemphasizeand discomfort, which negatively affects the work environment.

All companies will have peak times when workloads are high, but generally work should be fun and accompanied by breaks.

6. Offer the right resources

It is important for employees to have the right tools to perform their tasks at full capacity. equip you withthe best resources and the latest trends in technological equipmentwill make your teams work better and faster.

7. Facilitates the compatibility of work and family

The current work system with a rigid schedule from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. is obsolete. Employees demand companiesenabling them to balance work and family, and the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic along withhomeworkaccelerated this change.

In the United States,Millions of people have quit their jobsbecause they did not meet the conditions that promote their well-being and quality of life.They call it "The great resignation“.

A working model that ensures full arbitration is a winning bet to improve both the work environment and theEngagement,and theAttraction of the best qualified talent.

8. Ensures physical and psychological well-being

The workplace must be a space free of distractions that allows teams to carry out their work comfortably and safely. Also, you have to be prepared for itMinimize risks that can endanger physical integrityof employees.

Additionally,psychological securityshould not be overlooked. Employees must be aware that they will not be penalized or humiliated if they share their impressions or concerns, ask questions or report errors.

Teams with high psychological safety are open to making mistakes, discussing them, and learning from them so they don't repeat themselves.

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Result:Teams with higher performance and innovative ability.

9. Share company values

It often happens that the workforce becomes disconnected from the goals of the organization because they do not share their values ​​and principles.

Employee brandingStrategies are a resource that companies usepromote their values ​​and turn employees into brand ambassadorswith all the benefits that this brings, including an increase in satisfaction with the work environment.

10. Furniture is also important

Finally,the aesthetics of the facilities are also influential.Comfortable spaces, natural light, ergonomic chairs and tables, relaxation areas and even a beautiful decoration with plants help create an energizing work environment.

Of course, pay attentionAccessibility:It is important that the entire team can move freely in the workspace, including those on the teamfunctional diversity.

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How to measure the work environment? Team Insights is the best solution

You can know the working atmosphere by observing the environment in the office.This is the only way to get real data that you can use to objectively measure, analyze and evaluate itimplement a strategy that worksis with a special tool.

For this,Polls are the ideal resource.Team Insightsis aSaaS, an online software that lets youAutomate the sending of surveysand the collection of information thanks to its system based onPeople Analytics und Big Data.

Hearto your employees has never been easier: Generateanonymous conversationsand preserved valuableReturn message to get the information you need to create action plans that improve the profitability of your business.

Also withTeam InsightsYou can perform onehistorical recordthe work environment andsee its development in real time,get quick responses to changesspeed up decision-making processes,and recognizing alarm signals before they suspect a real problem.

request aDEMO now.And if you like it, you can use it with our for freeFree plan.

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