Honda EU2200i - Full Review | Update (March 2023) (2023)

Home gas generators have been around for decades, but it wasn't until 2008 that Honda introduced the first portable gas generator. Their Honda Portable Power System was the first of its kind, enabling homeowners, travelers, campers, workers and hobbyists to have a reliable alternative power source anywhere, on the go.

Needless to say, Honda has cemented its place as one of the premier manufacturers of portable power generators, boasting a line of premium models that deliver reliable, lasting power with excellent, durable build quality. how do we know We have researched to aHonda EU2200ireview and learn more about the brand's top-of-the-line portable inflator and it didn't disappoint.

Relatively small at just 46.5 pounds, the Honda EU2200i is compact yet rugged, delivering reliable power that is both clean and quiet. But is it really the workhorse you need? We weigh with our final rating.

Honda EU2200i - Full Review | Update (March 2023) (1)


  • Fuel Type: Gasoline
  • Output Power: 2200W
  • Running watts: 1800W
  • Voltage: 120V/150V
  • Amperage: 18.3 amps
  • Engine Type: Honda GXR120 Inverter
  • Displacement: 121 cc
  • Tank capacity: 0.95 gallons
  • Engine Oil Capacity: 14 ounces
  • Cooling system: forced air
  • Run time: 3.2 hours at maximum load; 8.1 hours at 1/4 of maximum load
  • Noise level: 62 dB at maximum load; 53 dB at 1/4 of the maximum load
  • Launch Type: Manual recoil
  • Sockets: 20A 120V Duplex
  • DC Output: 12V 100W (8.3A)
  • Dimensions: 20" x 11.4" x 16.7"
  • Weight: 46.5 lbs (dry); 53.6 pounds (full)

What's in the box?

  • Inverter generator EU2200i
  • Manual

Honda EU2200i - Full Review | Update (March 2023) (2)

Key Features

One of Honda's top-of-the-line portable inflators, the Honda EU2200i is packed with features that make it convenient, reliable and practical for a wide range of applications. Not quite sure what sets it apart? Here are some of the EU2200i's features that are worth checking out.

  1. GRX120 Four-stroke engine– Honda's GRX120 is a heavy-duty engine originally designed to power heavy-duty 175-pound pile drivers. Integrated into the portable EU2200i, this beefy core offers stable, reliable and long-lasting performance that can withstand heavy abuse in shops and frequent use in the home. Low maintenance, low vibration and low noise, the GRX120 four-stroke engine is both efficient and trouble-free, perfect if you're not too savvy when it comes to generator maintenance.
  2. Inverter technology- Portable generators are great for times when you need to breathe life into essentials. We're talking gadgets and devices used for work and communication - ones you may need to keep using while waiting for the power to come back or when you're outdoors.

By integrating inverter technology into the EU2200i's motor, Honda manages to offer users clean, reliable and stable power, perfect for sensitive equipment. The EU2200i is the ideal companion if you want to power devices such as laptops, smartphones and TVs thanks to its constant and stable electrical current that is less susceptible to surges.

    1. Eco throttle– The Honda-exclusive Eco Throttle function is an automatic technology that adapts engine performance to your needs. Depending on what you connect to the generator, it will meet your needs by producing just enough power. This not only saves on fuel consumption, but also helps reduce noise and emissions for longer and cleaner operation.
    2. Fuel efficient– The EU2200i is impressively efficient in terms of fuel consumption. The tiny machine can endure some pretty demanding equipment and gadgets despite its relatively small fuel tank. Using less than a gallon of gasoline your EU2200i can power a 1500w air conditioner for just over 3 hours or a range of other smaller appliances such as cell phones, laptops, televisions and small kitchen appliances for up to 8 hours depending on load.
    3. parallel connection– Do you need more power? The Honda EU2200i is equipped with a parallel socket, which allows you to connect another EU2200i or its predecessor, the EU2000i. This doubles the available wattage, allowing you to power more devices or more intensive devices that may need more energy.Honda EU2200i - Full Review | Update (March 2023) (3)
    4. silent operation– The Honda EU2200i is a relatively quiet machine, producing only 62 dB of noise at maximum load. This means you can still have a normal conversation near the generator without having to raise your voice to be heard. Home users can also rest assured that their generator will hardly disturb their sleeping neighbors.
    5. Improved air cooling system– One of the improvements that Honda has built into the EU2200i is the improved air cooling system. The larger ventilation area effectively reduces the air intake resistance inside the generator housing, allowing more air to cool the internal parts for better temperature regulation. For you, this means a generator that is always cool to the touch, minimizing the risk of injury and of course the risk of heat damage to the engine.
    6. fuel shut-off valve- Running your generator when there is barely enough gasoline to run it can damage your engine. The EU2200i's fuel shut-off valve ensures your generator only runs long enough to run out of fuel in the carburettor, shutting down the generator before it reaches critical levels and protecting internal workings from potentially harmful consequences.
    7. Intuitive control panel- A likely first impression of the EU2200i is that it's quite a stripped down machine. The control panel only has the duplex outputs and a few indicator lights that tell you more about the performance of your generator. Low oil and overload indicators alert you when it is time to make adjustments to protect your engine from potential damage. A switch that turns Eco Throttle on and off is located right next to the outlets, and on the left side of the generator housing are the recoil and fuel shutoff valve for easy access.
    8. OSHA-konform– The design of the EU2200i meets all the requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. So if you were hoping to find a portable generator to use on your professional jobsite, the EU2200i guarantees the highest level of safety and efficiency to reduce the hazards in your workplace.
    9. EPA approved– Gas generators, even the smallest, produce carbon monoxide as a by-product. Unregulated, heavy emissions can endanger the environment and your health. To ensure your safety, the EU2200i is approved for residential and commercial use by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Put simply, this means that the generator will not pose any environmental or health hazards when used in accordance with the instructions in its user manual.
    10. CARB-conform- The California Air Resources Board is another entity that helps ensure the safety of automobiles and machinery such as power generators for both the environment and personal health. The EU2200i is a CARB compliant portable generator, which means that it meets the Californian government's stricter requirements and produces only a low level of emissions, making it safe for use in residential and commercial applications.

    A review of the EU2200i

    As the descendant of Honda's best-selling portable inflator, the EU2200i features an updated design that promises even better performance than its EU2000i predecessor. At first glance, the compact little machine looks inconspicuous. His modest 46-pound body is light and immaculately petite. But the generator's impressive construction makes up for it, with a solid body that's tough, durable and exudes the qualities of a well-built machine built for the long haul.

    Simple and straightforward, this machine is rid of all the fancy bells and whistles that can make it difficult to operate. The streamlined body has an intuitive control panel that shows everything you need to get started using it. Two 20A 120V sockets are prominently positioned on the front of the generator, with three accompanying indicator lights providing information on oil level, overload and power. To the left of the forward-facing control panel you'll find the manual recoil starter and fuel shut-off valve.

    In terms of maintenance, the tiny generator does not require much. Changing the oil every now and then can help ensure smooth and smooth operation. But other than that, there's not much else you need to do. This hassle-free maintenance is made possible by Honda's powerful GRX120 engine, which is built to take more abuse than you're likely to put your portable generator to use. In fact, it's much better able to keep up with your demands and minimize the risk of damage, wear and tear.

    With a runtime of 8.1 hours at 25% of its maximum load, the Honda EU2200i promises excellent fuel economy that can keep all your basics going for hours. Its 1800W operating power can support most of your essential electronics, appliances and household appliances as well as the typical range of power tools you might use on a construction site.

    Honda EU2200i - Full Review | Update (March 2023) (4)

    If all of this still doesn't convince you, it also helps to know that the EU2200i is one of the quietest portable generators on the market. At 1/4 of the maximum load, you can expect a noise level of just 52dB, so you can keep your machine running without causing too much commotion.

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    Considering all these features, the EU2200i is a suitable generator for both home and jobsite use. Needless to say, you can't expect it to support power-hungry devices, tools, and gadgets at the same time. But the generator exceeds expectations when used for bare necessities, delivering clean, reliable, sustained power that's easy on the gas. For momentary unexpected power interruptions or small jobs that require the use of a few power tools, the EU2200i offers just the right performance.

    As you may know, there is no perfect portable gas generator. Despite all the positive points that the EU2200i proudly flaunts, it does have a few design dips and flaws. First, the machine doesn't have a number of the basic gauges you'd expect from an inflator. These include an hour meter, a load meter and a voltage display. Fortunately, they can be purchased as aftermarket accessories.

    Second, the generator oil fill and drain plug could have been better positioned. The awkward placement means you may have to spill oil somewhere on the bottom or on the generator case during an oil change. Dealing with this mess too often - especially if you plan on using your generator on a weekly basis - could be a pretty major inconvenience for some users.

    Positives & Negatives


  • The ultra-portable design is lightweight yet well-built, allowing for seamless storage and easy portability
  • The inverter motor produces clean, sustained power that's less likely to stutter or surge, protecting even the most sensitive devices
  • The excellent motor design and cooling system promise a long, reliable service life that easily withstands frequent and heavy use
  • The low-maintenance design requires little more than a regular oil change
  • The economical engine uses less than a gallon of gas but can last up to 8.1 hours depending on load
  • The intuitive design allows you to operate your generator like a pro without having to consult the manual


  • An awkwardly placed oil drain plug means that you will always spill some oil when draining the engine oil
  • Does not come with an hour display, voltmeter or load meter so you may need to purchase these separately

About the manufacturer

Honda is still one of the most important Japanese automobile manufacturers. Their range of motor vehicles includes cars, vans, trucks and motorcycles, all of which have enjoyed worldwide success and strong patronage. But apart from their core range of automobiles, the brand also produces a range of power products - an industry in which they have also earned a premium status.

Currently, Honda's range of power generators and alternative energy sources competes closely with other well-known brands, including those from North American companies such as Champion and Generac. According to the company's statistics, they have sold around 6.3 million power products worldwide and this number continues to grow as better and more efficient models like the EU2200i are launched.

The competition – a comparison table

Honda EU2200iGenerac IQ2000Wen 56200i
fuel typePetrolPetrolPetrol
running watts1800W1600W1600W
start watts2200W2000W2000W
Duration3.2 hours at full load;
8.1 hours at 1/4 load
2.85 hours at maximum load;
7.7 hours at 1/4 load
3 hours at maximum load;
8 hours at 1/4 load
fuel tank0.95 gallons1.06 gallons1 Gallon
startup typeManual recoilManual recoilManual recoil
noise level62 dB at maximum load53 dB at maximum load60 dB at maximum load
Weight46.5 pounds46.5 pounds48 pounds
Number of outlets222
safety devices

  • Eco throttle

  • OSHA-konform

  • CARB-conform

  • EPA approved

  • fuel shut-off valve

  • forced air cooling system

  • Low oil level indicator

  • overload indicator

  • CARB-conform

  • Economy-Modus

  • EPA approved

  • PowerDial

  • PowerBar

  • Low oil level indicator

  • overload indicator

  • overheat indicator

  • EPA approved

  • CARB-conform

  • power saving mode

  • overload indicator

  • Low oil level indicator
concurrencyAnd -WEN 56421 Parallel connection kitAnd -Generac 6877 Parallel-KitAnd -Honda 08E93-HPK123HI Parallel Cable
Set of 2 generators + parallel cable

The Generac IQ2000 and WEN 56200i are some of the Honda EU2200i's closest competitors, offering a combination of features that almost exactly match Honda's crowning portable generator. While all three of these generator models run on petrol, the EU2200i excels when it comes to fuel economy, offering the longest run time and wattage despite having the lowest fuel capacity.

With a wealth of security features packed into a compact, lightweight body, the EU2200i not only excels in terms of security, but also leaves its competitors behind in terms of build quality. Its particularly durable housing does not vibrate during operation and reflects the first-class manufacturing process.

Sure, the EU2200i might not be best in class in terms of quiet operation, nor does it have as many outlets as WEN's entry-level. But it's definitely not far behind. Without comparison, the EU2200i is actually remarkably quiet. If the number of outlets turns out to be your main concern, an extension cord can be a simple solution. Overall, the EU2200i's durability, fuel efficiency and safety offer far greater value for every penny you spend, making these minor flaws easy to forgive.

frequently asked Questions

The Honda EU2200i uses SAE 10W-30 oil. You can buy it atHondaor any other brand. When the low oil level indicator light is on, it means your generator needs to be refilled. You can also check the oil level manually by looking in the oil reservoir. It is considered properly filled when the oil reaches the rim of the inner oil tank while the generator is on level ground.

With an operating power of 1800W, the Honda EU2200i can power most household appliances, appliances and power tools. However, it helps to be aware of its limitations, as running high-power electronics at the same time can overload your generator.

To illustrate this point, certain air conditioners require 1,500 watts to run. Since the EU2200i can withstand up to 1,800 watts, it would theoretically be able to run some air conditioners. But keep in mind that this only leaves about 300 watts that you can potentially use to light up smaller devices like a portable charger, music player or radio, or a few lightbulbs.


Another consideration worth considering is the amount of time the generator can sustain this type of demand. By maxing out the load, you also shorten the run time of the generator. To keep it operational, you'd have to top up the gas after you've used up the fuel needed to keep power-hungry equipment running. The lower the demand, the longer the generator can run between refueling.

You can connect an extension cord to a power generator to increase the number of outlets available. However, experts recommend using heavy-duty outdoor extension cords to minimize the potential hazards.

Theoretically yes you can. But it depends on what you want to power. If you're running a 7,000 BTU RV rooftop air conditioner, you'll need about 700 watts of power to keep it running. That leaves you with 1,000 watts to split between your other essentials. Since air conditioners tend to be energy guzzlers, you may consider sacrificing controlled temperatures to get more power for your other devices.

Another thing worth keeping in mind is the fact that the EU2200i comes with a fuel tank that measures less than a gallon. That would mean the little workhorse would have to be topped up at least once every three hours to maximize its load with the demands of an RV.

Finally, the EU2200i does not have a TT-30 RV socket. This means you will need to purchase the separate supplies to hook up your generator to your RV as it is not an RV ready model. To compound this issue, however, Honda is offering the EU2200i companion model, which has a 30A socket that can accommodate a transfer switch for use in RVs.

Yes. To run the Honda EU2200i on propane or natural gas, you can purchase oneFuel Conversion Kit. These are also available from third party brands as an aftermarket purchase. However, remember that purchasing and installing from an unauthorized dealer may void your generator's warranty. Make sure you choose an accredited kit from a registered dealer to keep your warranty intact.

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Honda EU2200i - Full Review | Update (March 2023) (5)

To sum up

Is the EU2200i right for the money? Some might say that it comes at a high cost given the lower prices of its close competitors. But with the Honda EU2200i you get more than just an alternative source of energy. The well-built machine promises excellent performance that will last and offers outstanding fuel efficiency, safety and performance that outperforms most of its competitors.

Now the question - is it right for you? Our Honda EU2200i test showed that the bestseller can cover a wide range of applications and needs. However, if you need an inflator that's small enough for transport and storage without compromising on performance, the EU2200i is an even more obvious purchase. Surely it won't be powerful enough to power your entire household. But with just enough power for the essentials and a little something extra, this power generator offers a practical use you can depend on for years to come.

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